And why?

My name is Kathy Andrews. In addition to “Not One More Thing”, I write a blog about embroidery, my certificate course at the RSN and all the wonderful people I meet and places I go in the world of hand embroidery. It’s called “The Unbroken Thread”.

For better or worse, I am highly creative and easily bored. Once I’ve mastered something I want to move on to something new. Consequently, I play over 15 instruments, most of which I own but haven’t time to play.

I do all sorts of embroidery so I have loads of materials, threads and equipment much of which I haven’t used yet.

I’m learning to knit and, of course, always want a different yarn from the ones I already have.

Life is a smorgasbord and I want to try all it has to offer.

However, I’m in serious danger of acquiring more resources than I need and more than my fair share of what’s available. In an effort to curb my expenses and to limit the natural resources I consume, I’ve decided to go an entire year purchasing not one more thing. Nothing. I have enough. Really, more than enough.

I want to learn to cherish and revel in what I have. To treasure my things the way someone in the 16th century would have treasured their few possessions. I want to recognise the value of what I already have and stop lusting or craving for something new or different.

This blog is about the change I’m hoping will happen as I stop purchasing things and start “playing with the toys I already have”.

Wish me luck and perseverance!




3 thoughts on “And why?

  • Oh yes, the crafter’s dilemma, and more than that, it’s the sheer sense of excitement, the pulsing of the blood though the veins, that adrenalin rush when a new idea, a shimmering desire, takes root and begins to grow and blossom…what if…….
    Have you discovered spinning yet? If not start with a fine wool, something like Blue Faced Leicester, then progress to merino, and then cashmere and silk…….some things there’s just no turning back from! 🙂 Sorry!

  • I know exactly how you feel! I have so much thread, fabric, embroidery kits and accessories/equipment it’s not funny. I can’t even begin to estimate how much money is wrapped up in all that. Good Luck!!!

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